Friday, September 18, 2009

MoonOS 3-- installed to usb-key

I've been wanting to check out MoonOS for a while but have no remaining spce on my EeePC 901's SSD's. So, today I bought a new Kingston 4GB pendrive which cost R$30 which is about US$18. This is not cheap but they don't seem to be available any less expensive here in Brazil.
Anyway I downloaded MoonOS Makara from the above link and used Unetbootin to create a 1 GB Live usb key.
I then used Gparted to divide the space on my 4 GB key into one of 3 GB and another (/home) of 800 MB.
Then I installed MoonOS from the Live usb to the 4 GB key. This went absolutely without problem. Total install time was about 45 minutes which is not fast.
Although I normally boot everything from Ubuntu whose grub is in the mbr. For moonOS on the pendrive, however, I installed the bootloader to the mbr on the key. The Ubuntu /boot/grub/menu.lst boots moonOS from its own bootloader and it boots without problem.
In general MoonOS looks very good appearance-wise (Enlightenment WM) but there doesn't seem to be any 3D effects available.
Wireless Internet, sound and flash all work out-of-the-box. Indeed, wifi even works during the install. I installed Opera 10.10 (snapshot), Yakuake and and each of these worked well.
However, I have to say that the overall performance is tediously slow. Perhaps this might be blamed on the fact that this is running off a pendrive. However, I also run Mepis 8 on this machine from a pendrive and it is only marginally slower than a HD install. So, I need to look into why moonOS is so slow, in both Desktop and Internet activity. A case in point is the Synaptic package manager which is painfully slow.
The first time I booted to moonOS, the Synaptic manager wouldn't open after I had used it for some time forcing a reboot to get it moving again.
In essence, moonOS is just Ubuntu with the Enlightenment WM and very different colors. Not sure at this early stage if I'm seeing anything that would induce me to look very much further at moonOS. Nothing at all very exciting other than perhaps a beautifully designed desktop background.
Will look further but not for much longer, I think.
BTW, I'm writing this from moonOS.

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