Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Easy on Linux; weird on Mac

Actually, this title is misleading.......but it got you reading!!
Even though I've owned a Mac for two and a half years, I've never really familiarized myself with OS X (starting with Tiger, the Leopard and now Snow Leopard). The reason for this apparent lethargy is that I've essentially used my Mac to multiboot OS X with various Linux distros to which I dedicated most, if not all, of my time.
Now on my new MacBook 10,6 I'm just running Snow Leopard -- nothing else installed on this box. So, I'm going to force myself to become OS X-proficient.
As a result, I really am becoming extremely impressed with this machine. The fact that it's not Windows, and has a strong link to Linux because of the Unix basis for both, probably helps.
Nevertheless, some things take some getting used to. For example, renaming files or folders in OS X is not as obvious as it is in Linux. So, right-clicking a file/folder doesn't give a "rename" option in the context menu.
However, clicking on any file/folder in Finder and holding down the (left-) click button for about a second makes the icon title editable. Piece of cake, really, once you know what to do.
Actually, I also tried the mv command in a terminal to change a files name and this seemed to work fine on both files and folders.
A handy command not available in Linux context menus is "Compress" which allows you to zip a folder into a zip file. Really useful.
Just one final thing in this rambling mish-mash of a post, I installed Gimp for Snow Leopard today. Here's the link.
If you didn't get much out of this meagre post, check through this list of Snow Leopard tips and tricks.

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