Friday, January 08, 2010

Cross platform file transfer -- do it the really easy way!

I have used woof for a long time to serve files from my Linux box to wherever I want on my LAN (ie. Linux, OS X or Windows). I didn't think anything could surpass this for simplicity, easy of use and versatility.
But I found out I was wrong when I stumbled across this blog post.
You don't need to download, install or configure anything to share files from OS X or Linux (I've only tried it so far on Ubuntu Karmic) to anywhere including Windows (only tried it on XP so far). You must, however, have Python installed.
All you need to do is find out IP of the computer from which you want to share files and folders (It'll be something like in IPv4 at least).
Then open a terminal and paste in this line:

python -c "import SimpleHTTPServer; SimpleHTTPServer.test();"

Now go to the computer on the same network where you want to open files/folders from the serving computer, open a browser and type in the address bar

or whatever the serving computer's IP is (but don't change the 8000 port setting), and essentially all of the user file/folders on the serving computer will become available almost instantaneously.
I was able to simultaneously share files from my MacBook to another computer using Ubuntu Karmic and, at the same time, a third computer running Windows XP.
When you want to shut down the server, just go to the terminal on the serving computer and press Ctrl-C.
I like this.

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