Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BBC Radio 4 on iPod Touch

Yes, I'm still going on about my new iPod Touch that is continuing to amaze me every day.
However, one blot on the landscape was that I couldn't get BBC Radio 4 to play.
Of course, if I had been in the UK, this wouldn't have been a problem as the mobile version of BBC iPlayer is available for free as long as you reside in the land of hope and glory.
But I don't.
Ironically, although the iPlayer doesn't play TV on my computer, all BBC radio stations are available live. However, the mobile iPlayer on the iPod Touch doesn't allow radio outside of the UK.
On the iPod Touch, the FStream app allows you to create links to any radio station as long as you know it's url. I tried at least 10 different urls for BBC Radio 4 and although most of them started out perfectly the station inexplicably died after about 1-3 minutes.
Now, I could restart the station and, once again, it would play fine for 1-3 minutes but no more.
No, this is decidedly uncomfortable.
Then I came across tunin.fm lite, which like FStream is free. A whole range of BBC radio stations are included in this app including both the fm and lw versions of BBC Radio 4.
And, both work perfectly.

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