Sunday, March 07, 2010

Air Video Server: How to remove a file that's being converted

Air Video is by far the most useful app that I have on my new iPod Touch 3G. In addition to allowing me to stream movies in .avi format from my MacBook and play on the iPod, it also allows me to convert .avi movies to .m4v in a fraction of the time it used to take using DVDVideoSoft Free Studio in Windows.
However, today, while converting three movies on my iPod, I had a change of mind and removed two of the files from the folder on the Mac from which I was serving the .avis to my iPod for conversion.
However, the conversion queue still showed one (already removed) file being converted and a second, also removed, still in the queue.
As a result, I couldn't get anything at all to work in the Air Video iPod app. The options for cleaning and editing the queue just didn't work.
I even tried removing the Air Video app from the iPod and reinstalling it. But, the queue still remained the same with nothing working in this app.
So, after a bit of googling I found this thread where a simple solution to my problem was outlined. It just requires:
-- stop the Air Video server on the Mac (or wherever it is)
-- locate the file {your-home-folder}/Library/Application Support/AirVideoServer/conversionStatus2 and delete it.
-- restart the Air Video server.

Now go back to the iPod and everything should be ready to go.

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