Thursday, April 08, 2010

Windows XP in dual monitor display

We've set up an old Dell Dimension E520 with Windows XP to operate on dual monitors.
I had already posted on using Ubuntu Linux on dual monitors on the same machine a few days ago.
The actual process of setting up for dual monitor operation in Windows XP is much easier than in Linux and involves (in my case) merely using the nVidia-Settings dialog. This should detect and identify the available monitors and make configuartion very simple.
However, to get your wallpaper to stretch over the two monitors requires downloading the free (but upgradable) Display Fusion.
This is very easy to use and contains an inbuilt wealth of great wallpapers from Flickr and Vladstudio.
Now Display Fusion also lets you extend the bottom panel (or tray as it's called in Windows) across both screens but only in the upgraded paid version.
Instead, if you're a cheapskate, you can go for Oscar's Multi-Monitor Taskbar for free. Actually, however, it's not great as there's no way to adjust the color of the second taskbar to make it look like it's the same one stretched across two screens.
Still, beggars can't be choosers.

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