Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Eternity screensaver in Ubuntu Maverick

Many years ago I used and very much liked the Eternity screensaver which was available for use in Ubuntu.
As I've just upgraded to Maverick Beta on my Dell E520 and didn't like any of the screensavers, I thought it's time to go back to an old favorite.
However, it seems that Eternity is no longer supported (maybe I'm wrong, though) as the website refers to the New version for Ubuntu 8.04 (and I'm using 10.10).
Anyway, being the adventurous type, I decided to try it.
Basically, I followed the guide here except that I added "http://parker1.co.uk/apt lucid main" as a Other Software repo in Synaptic.
And it worked perfectly and still looks wonderful, not at all showing its age.
Worth a try.

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