Monday, September 20, 2010

Haiku Alpha 2 -- browsers

Just an addendum to what I said yesterday where I praised the WebPositive browser.
Well, just to put things in perspective, I tried out the Firefox browser from Haikuware.
As it happens Firefox seems to work pretty well, also although I actually never use Firefox on any other OS as I generally use Chromium or Chrome Canary Build so can't comment on what version of Firefox this is although I believe it's pretty old.
Yesterday while posting to my blog from WebPositive I was unable to add a link to the post. In addition, the browsers spellcheck menu didn't work for me.
However, adding a link to a blogger post using Firefox in Haiku is straightforward. Additionally, the blogger spellchecker does actually work in Firefox on Haiku (and, incidentally, in WebPositive too). What didn't work for me yesterday was WebPositive's own spellchecker.

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