Sunday, October 03, 2010

Gmail working in Haiku

I already posted about the problems I had using Gmail in Haiku R1A2 installed on my Dell Dimension E520.
Well, it's working now thanks to the help I got from a post to the Haiku forum.
The major problem in not being able to send emails from Gmail in WebPositive was down to the browser itself. In another browser, but still in Haiku, Gmail worked flawlessly.
Additionally, in WebPositive, if Gmail is opened in Basic HTML mode, rather than Standard Mode, Gmail works normally.
So, in Web+, I bookmarked Gmail to open in Basic HTML as explained here.
Whereas I do have the option to select Basic HTML as my preference in opening Gmail, this will open Gmail in this mode in ALL platforms that I use which I certainly don't want. Therefore the bookmark option is preferable for me.
The Haiku email client is now working perfectly for me with my Gmail address.
For this, all I did was to more or less follow what's explained in the first post of this thread. So, I changed from POP3 to IMAP in the E-mail preferences dialog box and added the Incoming and Outgoing mail servers as indicated in the post. I did not, however, use the ports as specified. Indeed when I did I got an error message.
Additionally, I used SSL as the Connection type for Incoming and Outgoing mail and ESMTP as the Login type.
Be aware that once everything is set up and working, the mail client immediately, and without warning, starts to download all the mail in your Gmail account which can take some time (I had over 3000 mails).
In the same dialog under the Settings tab, I found it useful to check the "Start mail service on startup" box and to select Always for the "Show connection status window".
Haiku is now starting to look highly usable although this may be simply that I'm getting to understand it better.

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