Sunday, November 21, 2010

Haiku and BeShare

I have something of a passion for intercomputer transfer particularly on our home network.
Although there are many ways to do this, and I particularly like the Python SimpleHTTPServer which works very well in Haiku as I've already mentioned.
But Haiku, or more correctly BeOS, has its own file transfer app called BeShare.
Setting up BeShare, as with most Haiku software, is very easy to set up. I downloaded and installed it using Synthetic Package Manager.
Find the BeShare directory generated by the install, open it and launch BeShare.x86 (unless you have a PowerPC, in which case use BeShare.PPC).
Next select a server from the dropdown on the GUI (only two servers available of which, for me at least, only seems to be working.
Now, hit File>>Connect and after you get connected, which was very fast in my case, you'll see some lines of info showing up in the bottom left box on the GUI.
Next, select a query (seems only .mp3 files currently available although BeShare is supposed to handle all types of files.) and then Start Query.
Now you should see a list of available .mp3 files.
To download, just select and hit Download Selected Files.
Your files should now show up in the upper right hand side of the GUI and get downloaded. The download rate I experienced was only 35 kB/s but that's OK if you just want to download small .mp3 files.
Now, there is a version of the BeShare client for non-Haiku OSes called JavaShare.
I downloaded and installed JavaShare2 on my MacBook but this just wouldn't work for me. It kept crashing after 4-5 seconds and complained of a buss error when I launched it from a terminal.
However, the JavaShare2.1 (which is apparently still in Alpha) worked fine.
I could connect to the neoplasma server and download stuff without a problem (even though the detail I saw on JavaShare said it could only be used for chat ).
Where I came into a problem was in trying to upload from one computer (EeePC 901 with Haiku R1A2) and download on the Mac, all within my home LAN.
Although I could readily see the files that I uploaded on the EeePC (simply by placing the file within the BeShare/Shared directory), it would not download. Indeed, it just sat there for about 3-4 minutes and said transfer complete without any semblance of a download having been given.
I had exactly the same problem when I tried two Haiku computers (EeePC and Dell E520). Downloading from the server was easy on both machines, but even though I could see files in the /beshare/shared/ folder on both machine, they just would not download.
I posted to the Haiku forums on this but have yet to receive any reply.
I have made various attempts to get the files to upload such as checking I'm Firewalled (even though I'm not) in Settings and by changing the Upload Bandwidth to various levels. All to no avail.
I'm very puzzled about this but it seems that my files are not being fully uploaded even though they are visible as being aavailable on the server.
I'll keep looking.

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