Thursday, November 25, 2010

Which browser?

For many years I had used Opera primarily because of its speed although I also very much liked the speeddial and the special rss feed capability.
One thing I didn't like, though, was its inbuilt bittorrent client which worked very poorly.
Then I changed to Google Chrome, although I primarily used Chromium on the Mac and on Linux. In Windows, which I rarely use, I go for Google Chrome Canary Build all because I want the fastest browsing experience possible.
Truly, I am very little interested in extensions and don't need my browser to be capable of such feats as declaring nuclear war on enemy territories which probably explains why I never warmed to Firefox.
Chromium is certainly fast but its speeddial is not good as it seems very picky about what goes in the speeddial. I want to choose. I don't need the browser to do this for me.
Actually on the Mac I use a third-party add-on that provides a speeddial somewhat like, but inferior to, that on Opera but, amazingly, I just can't remember what it's called.
Nevertheless, Chrome has a new speed dial which seems more usable although I confess to not having tried it yet.
But, in reality there are many features of Opera that I miss not least its rss feeds feature and its very special speed dial.
I should mention that one of the reasons I moved away from Opera is because it caused very frequent high CPU usage on my netbook which I never fully explained.
Nevertheless, I'm seriously looking at Opera again now that version 11 Beta is available. So far, I have installed it on my Mac and in Windows XP and it's available for Linux too.
There's an awful lot to like about Opera 11 including its speed and many of the old favourite features.
But this new Opera now has extensions just like Chrome and Firefox. Well, I said that extensions were not important for me but I did find a very nice Gmail extension that allows you to very quickly check your inbox and read its contents without having to open up the web page. I found it strange, however, that the extension applet does not indicate if there are new mails available or not. You have to open it up to see.
There's also a very complete weather extension that I like and a fast-google-search extension which allows you to highlight a word or phrase and hit "s" on the keyboard for a google search to open in a new tab.
You can also group tabs together almost as if there were being put into a folder. This could be very useful if you're researching two project at the same time and risk forgetting which tabs are relevant to each project.
I always like to put some favourite "buttons" in the bookmarks toolbar but Opera 11 Beta no longer has a My Buttons function. However, to get a webpage to form a button in the bookmarks toolbar just requires dragging the tag to the toolbar -- a lot simpler and quicker.
All-in-all, I'm impressed and I'm going to try this oine out in all my platforms for a while at least.

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