Monday, November 08, 2010

Windows boot loader to boot others OSes.

Came across this post regarding the above. However, while the post only covers booting Ubuntu and Windows Vista, on my Dell Dim 9200 I have Windows Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Haiku and an i86 version of OS X.
As suggested in the post, I used EasyBCD (which is very useful) to create the boot menu. Including the Windows OSes and Ubuntu was easy but all of the other three gave problems.
Although, a section is included for booting what it calls "Linux/BCD", I couldn't get FreeBSD to boot using this. Nevertheless, when I classed FreeBSD as a Mac-type OS (booting from EFI), I got the EFI boot screen which after hitting "any key", FreeBSD proceeded to boot.
I really have no idea why, however.
Nothing that I did could induce either Haiku or OS X to boot directly from the NTLoader menu. But, if I classed them as Linux OSes, then the boot menu associated with Ubuntu showed up from which I could select either one.
Nothing very exciting here, but I like to experiment.

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