Friday, December 24, 2010

Find my iPad

I was delighted to learn that the Find My iPad (or Find My iPhone as it's known in the app store even though it applies to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch 4G) is a free app. However, to use it, you MUST have a MobileMe account and MobileMe costs €99 per year. Now that's expensive.
But, if you have a iOS 4.2 device, then the part of MobileMe that you need to operate Find My iPhone is FREE!
So, I managed to get Find My iPad working fine on my iPad and it works well.
However, I'm just a little disappointed with its accuracy. In the 3 or 4 times that I've used it to locate my iPad, it never quite pinpointed where my iPad was which was always just in front of me.
The error could be anything from 100 or so meters to 1-2 kilometers distant.
That really makes it much less useful for me as I had thought the apps location accuracy was much more accurate than that. Basically, from what I've seen to date, it's use is confined to telling me what town my iPad is in, or which part of a large city.
I need to post to a forum to see if others have, or perhaps have overcome, this deficiency.
On the other hand, perhaps it's just because of some temporary satellite problems.
Nevertheless, if your iPad (or iWhatever) did go missing, to get an idea where it is right now, just go to and sign in with your MobileMe user and passward.
Actually, seems to be very choosy as to which browsers it supports citing only Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Certainly, it refused to work on Opera 11 but did work fine for me on Google Chromium.

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