Sunday, January 09, 2011

Control Windows 7 from Haiku

Just saw this post on Haiku Forum yesterday and had to try it out.
The linked site offers a gcc2 and a gcc4 version of rdesktop 1.5.
I first made sure I could rdesktop from Windows XP on my Dell E520 to Windows 7 on a Dell 9200 on the same LAN. No problems were found here after I had followed this MS guide.
I initially downloaded rdesktop 1.5.0(gcc2) to my Desktop and expanded it in /boot. The resutling bin file ended up in /boot/common/bin/ so I linked it to my Desktop.
However, clicking on icon only briefly opened something or other (nothing appeared on the screen but Tracker indicated rdesktop was running for maybe one second.
Next I tried rdesktop from a terminal and got the following usage information:

Usage: svgardesktop [options] server
-g: desktop geometry (WxH)
-4: use RDP version 4
-5: use RDP version 5 (default)
-t: tcp port
-u: user name
-p: password
-d: domain
-s: shell
-c: working directory
-A: enable SeamlessRDP mode
-n: client hostname
-T title: window title
-a: connection colour depth
-l: low memory
-z: enable rdp compression
-x: RDP5 experience (m[odem 28.8], b[roadband], l[an] or hex nr.)
-r: enable specified device redirection (this flag can be repeated)
'-r sound:[local|off|remote]': enable sound redirection
remote would leave sound on server

So I tried
-->rdesktop -n "hostname"
and a blank page opened.
Next I tried
-->rdesktop -u "username" -p "password" -n "hostname"
and got the same blank page.
Then I tried
where the IP was the address of my Windows 7 machine and success. Immediately, the Windows 7 page opened right on my Haiku desktop (using nightly 40074 gcc2hybrid) and asked me to input a username and password.
After I did this, I has full control of the Windows 7 machine.
Next I typed
-->rdesktop -u "username" -p "password"
and this time the full Windows 7 page opened up in Haiku.
The default screen size seems to be about 800x600 but this is easily rectified by using a -g switch.
So, when I typed
-->-->rdesktop -g 1920x1050 -u "username" -p "password"
I got the Windows 7 desktop in full screen view on my E520.
Very impressive..
Unfortunately, rdesktop only seems to work for Windows as I only got a blank page when I tried the IP of my MAC.

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