Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fix for Gnome-Terminal opening problem in FreeBSD

Since I started using FreeBSD 8.2 RC2, I've had a persistent problem with my Gnome-Terminal being difficult to open either from a desktop icon or from the AWN dock.
In general, I would have to click the icon at least three times and perhaps as many as 8 times on occasion. When it failed to open, it appeared as if it did try to open but stayed open for milliseconds only, if that.
However, I stumbled across this thread in the FreeBSD forums which deals with the very same problem but in KDE rather than Gnome which I'm using.
But, the problem seems the same, that is that it's to do with using sh as the default script rather than bash or csh.
So, by right-clicking the desktop icon for the gnome-terminal and clicking Properties, you gain access to the command used to open a terminal.
I just changed it from "gnome-terminal" to "gnome-terminal -e bash" and that seems to have solved the problem. Now the terminal opens first time, every time.
Also, I just had to drag and drop this modified desktop icon to the AWN dock to resolve the same issue there.

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