Monday, February 21, 2011

Epiphany browser in FreeBSD 8.2

I'm not sure why but I have never really tried the Epiphany browser although it's been available to me since I started using Ubuntu five or six years ago.
In those days I used Opera and I think that Epiphany just never seemed "cool".
Anyway, as I continue my search for the bewst lightweight browser for FreeBSD, I've had a look at Epiphany and it's not at all bad.
It's certainly fast and its bookmarks bar is very usable. Indeed, although it suffers from the same occasional lack of favicon problem that all other FreeBSD browsers do, it has the advantage that you can use "substitute favicons" for those webpages without them simply by finding a webpage with the favicon you want and then using the editing the favicon bookmark properties to include the address/javascript that you want.
This, for me is an advantage.
On the downside, however, Epiphany does not allow proxy servers so that I can't take advantage of the pdnsd facility I use on the other browsers.
On the other hand, it handled the screenshot upload for this post with consummate ease.
So, finally after 6 years, Epiphany has come in fom the cold.

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