Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Flash in FreeBSD 8.2

Unfortunately, Adobe don't make a flashplayer for FreeBSD so what would be considered both essential and simple in other operating systems, like youtube videos, don't come readily in FreeBSD.
However, with a little work you can get flash as outlined in section 6.2.3 on this handbook page.
For me, getting flash in Opera (actually I used linux-opera from /usr/ports/www/linux-opera/) by just following the steps in post #12 of this forum post.
On the other hand, getting flash to work in either Firefox or Midori has not been easy for me as this forum thread will testify.
Yes, I did make some mistakes mainly because I installed flashplugin-mozilla which is considered "worse than useless" by one contributor to the thread.
At time of writing (post #11 in the thread), I still don't have flash in either Firefox or Midori, although it still works fine in Opera. However, I continue to learn a lot about FreeBSD and I get some really expert assistance in the forum.
Primarily, it seems you need to stick pretty closely to the Handbook and this should always be your first port of call when attempting something new.
As I've seen before, FreeBSD gets messed up fairly easily.
Nevertheless, the Handbook is not infallible as I found when reading about installing Linux libraries.
Although the Handbook advocates copying libraries from Linux (unspecified) to /usr/compat/, this practice was frowned upon in the above thread.

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  1. So, will someone please nudge Adobe and tell them to get with the modern age, and release a FBSD compliant library...