Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Google Gadgets in FreeBSD

Now, I have to forewarn you that this is a very light-weight post basically because I haven't been doing anything of any great moment of late.
But, as always, my writings essentially comprise my notebook which I keep up to date just so I won't forget what I've done should I need to repeat, or correct it.
Anyway, I posted some time ago about how I got Google Gadgets working in FreeBSD and I've now become very used to having them always there on the Desktop.
But a day or two ago, I noticed that one (of my three) gadgets was missing.
A reboot didn't bring it back nor did a deinstall followed by a reinstall. And I could have sworn that the three gadgets that I was using all appeared without me having to especially install them (analog clock, calendar and rss). BTW, the calendar was the one that went awol.
In any event, by clicking on the Google Gadgets icon in the gnome panel, I got access to a gallery (just like in Windows) with 206 pages of gadgets which amount to nearly 2,500 gadgets.
Unfortunately, in FreeBSD, many, if not most, don't work.
Additionally, many gadgets are country specific. So, even though they do work, I am not overly interested in the current weather in Prague, for example.
Nevertheless, in addition to retrieving my missing calendar gadget, I was able to track down two very useful, and fully functional gadgets that have gained a permanent place on my FreeBSD Desktop. These are the Weather Globe and the Calculator (See them in the screenshot).

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