Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Very strange FreeBSD behavior after portupgrade.

Yes, I'm at a loss to explain what happened and the absence of immediate explanations from FreeBSD's cognoscenti suggests this was something very unusual.
Here's the thread I started about it on the FreeBSD forum.
As stated, it all started with a "portupgrade -af" command which I took from here.
Actually, the reason I issued the portupgrade command was that 4 updates were notified in the Gnome panel. The last time this happened, I just issued "portsnap fetch" and "portsnap install" commands and the updates were carried out. But NOT this time and I cannot explain why.
My first post in the thread essentially explains everything that happened. However, I should add that after carrying out the hard poweroff when the boot seemed to freeze, I tried, twice, to boot to single user mode. But, it froze in exactly the same place or

ugen5.2: at usbus5

Indeed, even after the boot had started going to completion in Mode 1, it still would not boot to single user mode.
In fact, even after everything managed to fix itself, by means of the "pkill -15 Xorg", I still could not get into single user mode.
Now, as one of the replies to my post made suggestions about the use of fsck, I actually tried fsck on the ad4s3f slice using the following command:
# fsck -y /dev/ad4s3f
The output did not indicate a totally clean filesystem and the following remark was printed two or three times:
Unexpected Software Update Inconsistency

which seems to strongly indicate that the portupgrade did mess things up. But why?

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