Monday, March 28, 2011

File sharing from Haiku OS

I had already mentioned my attempts to get this file sharing app working in Haiku, all of which had so far failed.
Well, I finally figured it out. Additionally, the author also kindly replied to my email and everything is working smoothly now.
For the benefit of anyone who is as stupid as me, I'll outline the exact steps required here:

1. Download the RobinHood server from here and expand in the /boot directory.

2. Download the archive from here and expand in the /boot/home directory.

3. Open /boot/home/web and drag the file virtual_hosts inside the folder called *Drag "virtual_hosts" here!*

4. Start the RobinHood server by opening /boot/apps/RobinHood/RHConsole

5. Once the console is open, click on the Controls tab and then Start Server.

6. Place all the files you want to share from Haiku into the directory /boot/home/web/public/files/

7. Open a browser on another computer and put the IP address of the Haiku machine in the address bar.

8. Click on the Explore button on the Haiku interface that opens and select the file(s) you want to download or just read.

This worked perfectly for me in Windows, Ubuntu and OS X. It even worked on my iPad although I wasn't able to download the files. Something else I'll need to look into.
This is a very convenient shortcut to file sharing. Is it as good as the python Simple HTTP Server? Obviously, the answer depends on the circumstances but in any case this is a useful app.

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