Sunday, April 03, 2011

Conky in Ubuntu Natty

Now that I've got Natty Ubuntu (Beta1) looking very good on the Dell E520, it's time to put in a few bells and whistles.
Actually, I had always resisted using Conky simply because most, if not all, of the information I would want to get from it, was available from additions to the gnome-panel.
But with Unity, that's changed.
Also, I had seen a nice screenshot of a Desktop showing Conky and I was inspired.
To get it started I basically used this tutorial as a guide.
Conky turned out to be more complicated than I thought and a considerable amount of coding is required to set up the display.
I had trouble getting the External IP to show up on my Conky display as the url in the guide doesn't seem to work any more.
I tried various other options that I found on the internet until finally one worked for me which I got from here.
Incidentally, for the screenshot, I temporarily disabled the External IP display so you wouldn't see it.
As things stand, and as you can probably tell from the screenshot, I haven't configured the weather information yet. Basically, I used what was in the original guide with details provided from here.
Essentially, getting Conky just right for me will take quite a bit of work but it should be exciting.

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