Sunday, April 17, 2011

Disable compiz to change window size

This post is more anecdotal than likely to be of immense use to anybody else but I was surprised when I found out.
In FreeBSD 8.2 I use Gnome and compiz.
Although Midori is my default browser, I'm still looking for something even better -- along the lines of the two wonderful, but largely unsung, browsers that I use on my Mac -- Stainless and Omniweb.
So, I started testing Epiphany which, although I'd ignored it for years in various Linux distros, is actually not too bad.
One problem, however, was that the default window sizes are either fullscreen (too big) or about 640x480 which is way too small for a browser.
Strangely, I was unable to use the mouse cursor to increase the size of the Epiphany, or any other, window in FreeBSD.
That is, until I killed compiz.
Then I could do whatever I wanted with the mouse cursor.
When I launched compiz again, Epiphany of course remembered its new window size and I'd achieved my goal.
However, this problem seems peculiar to FreeBSD because there is no problem resizing windows in Ubuntu when compiz is running.

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