Saturday, April 23, 2011

Grub Error 22

My Dell 520 is operating very well in multiboot mode with FreeBSD 8.2, Windows XP, Ubuntu 11.04, Haiku R1A2 and Haiku Nightly 41270. I sue Grub1.99 from Ubuntu in the MBR to boot everything.
But this morning I got a scare.
Although it booted fine first thing today, when I went to reboot to switch from one OS to another, I got a Grub Error:

Grub Loading, please wait
Error 22

Error 22 means "Must load Multiboot kernel before modules".
What the hell does that mean?
Nevertheless, under these circumstances, it's just a matter of reinstalling Grub2 to the MBR. So, I tried to boot from a Live CD (Ubuntu 11.04) but amazingly, I got the very same error (my BIOS boot sequence is USB_device, then CD-ROM and finally HDD).
Now, this was getting serious. So, I tried to boot from a Parted Magic USB key but, astoundingly, I got the same Error 22 once again.
Oh Boy. All sorts of thoughts going through my mind as to what might be wrong with a serious hardware fault being on top of my list of possibilities.
Then I tried the F12 boot menu during boot and got to a boot menu where I could choose what to boot from.
This failed for the USB key but actually worked for the CD-ROM. So things were looking up and my intention was to re-install Grub2.
Then I remembered that I had hooked up a USB External HDD the the Dell to move over some music and I had forgotten to turn it off.
So, I pulled the plug on the External HDD and rebooted and everything was fine.
I'm very glad that the solution was so painless, but I'm still puzzled as to why the presence of the external drive caused such an error.

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