Thursday, April 21, 2011

Haiku r41270 -- some observations

I like to update my install of Haiku Nightly on the Dell E520. As my current version is about a month old, I downloaded Haiku r41270 gcc2-hybrid on the Haiku R1A2 partition I have on the same machine and tried to install to the smaller partition reserved for Haiku Nightly.
However, what's normally a very simple job of no more than 15 minutes duration turned into a nightmare -- alright that's an exaggeration, but the difficulties were unexpected.
The first time I got a KDL about half way through the install and started again. This time a pop-up announced an error stating "Error was encountered and the installation was not completed". The stated error was "File or Directory already exists" while installing Mail-Daemon.
As this occurred a number of times, I decided to try a clean install by initializing the partition before the install.
Now, although it got further along, I still proceded to get errors, including a KDL during DosBox installation and the pop-up announcing a General System error.
Nothing for it but to burn it to a USB key and install from there.
This worked fine.
Incidentally, I also tried the install from the R1A2 partition using an earlier nightly (r41264 gcc2-hybrid) and got precisely the same results.

Up to now, I haven't noticed anything hugely different in Haiku r41270. However, as I've been looking at CPU Frequency scaling in other OSes lately, I wanted to try the CPU Frequency app in Haiku preferences. This was particularly after seeing this post which claims this utility now works.
However, it seems it doesn't as is explained in this thread in Haiku forums that I started.
As mentioned in the thread, it seems that ACPI must be enabled for this speedstep to work in Haiku. To ensure ACPI is enabled on your computer, use this guide which uses Windows. So, you need to have Windows installed on your computer. I haven't looked into how this can be investigated in other OSes.

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