Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shortcut to Haiku Find utility

All OSes have a means for finding stuff such as files or names or whatever.
However, that in the Haiku OS is very, very fast and thorough. I use it a lot.
So, as I mentioned yesterday, I wanted a keyboard shortcut to bring up the Find pop-up window fast.
I got some good tips from this thread which completely solved this issue for me.
The first comes from Haiku's Preferences > Shortcuts. Just assign a suitable key combo to the built-in application "SendMessage application/x-vnd.Be-TRAK 'Tfnd'".
This will open the Find window just as if you'd gone to Leaf >> Find.

Another poster suggested using Alt-F which acts in Haiku essentially as does Cmd-F on the Mac or Ctrl-F in Linux. However, my experience is that this is only when the window to be searched is in focus.
If focus is removed from any open windows on the Desktop by clicking on the Desktop, then Alt-F opens the same Find window as Leaf > Find.

There really is so much to like in Haiku. Right now, I would say the only thing I really miss is Flash or h264 so that videos and other web facilities become available on Haiku.
Given that I don't use any really fancy stuff like PhotoShop or video editing and I'm not at all a gamer, were flash available I'd be sorely tempted to make Haiku my primary OS.

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