Saturday, April 09, 2011

A solution to Conky Always on Top.

Although I didn't at all have this problem in Ubuntu on the Dell E520 Desktop, in Ubuntu on the EeePC 901, Conky always initially launched such that it was Always on Top. This was very awkward on this small screen as a terminal or text editor window had a large part of it hidden behind the Conky window.
This is a known problem without, however, an obvious solution.
A lot of threads recommend making changes to the "own_window" settings in .conkyrc such as in this thread and this and this.
However, the only thing that worked for me, as is mentioned in some threads, is to use a script to start Conky in which is included a 20 second sleep.
This adds a delay before Conky is launched so the Desktop is fully established beforehand.


  1. Hi
    find xxxrc file, its your conky configuration. Find line own_window_type and change the value to normal


    Hope it works for you

  2. Thanks for this Paul! This fixed the problem perfectly. I was already running my startup programs from a single script so I just put a sleep before the lovely conky.