Thursday, May 26, 2011

Natty upgrade for ZevenOS

This is a follow-up to my earlier post on the same topic now that I've found how to upgrade so that the Unity (2D only) launcher appears on the left side of the screen while all windows have Haiku decoration.
The procedure is:

1. Use the Upgrade to Natty Narwahl popup to do the upgrade (very long -- mine took nearly 7 hours)
2. After the upgrade is complete, go to Synaptic Package Manager>Settings>Repositories>OtherSoftwareTab and re-enable all repos which have been disabled by the Natty upgrade and reload as appropriate.
3. Now install Sawfish, Unity-2D and deskbar2
4. Reboot to the login screen and choose ZevenOS as the session
5. Enjoy Natty with Haiku decoration.

Some shortcomings:
1. Deskbar does not work for me
2. The upper screen panel, termed Top Expanded Screen Panel, is not the same panel as shows up in Ubuntu Natty, but is like the old Gnome Panel in Ubuntu 10.10. In addition, it has the yellow Haiku decoration which is definitely inappropriate here.
3. This panel, because of the upper yellow Haiku tab, actually obliterates the upper part of the Unity launcher
4. Neither the Logout applet nor the Logout option in System>Administration work for me. To reboot or shutdown I must use the terminal.

More details are available in the forum post on this topic.

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