Thursday, July 07, 2011

Oneiric Ocelot Alpha 2

The alpha 2 of the next version of Ubuntu, which is 11.10, is now available for download.
Here's a review.
I downloaded it, made a Live USB and installed it on my EeePC 901.
Well, it works very well given it's in an alpha state. A couple of errors appear on bootup, including "/run/udev not writable" but no action is required and it goes right on booting.
At the login screen, I chose the Gnome session but this errored out telling me that no Gnome session is available.
The ubuntu session however works fine.
Honestly, at this stage it's difficult to see any noticeable difference from Natty even though there is a 3.0.3-generic kernel.
Two minor annoyances are that no Startup Applications, to start things like Yakuake at boot, is available and nor is Login Screen available to enable autologin.
I tried several CLI methods to enable autologin including this, this and this, but none worked.
So, as the wiki says this alpha is for developers only and not for anybody who just wants some fun (or perhaps work).

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