Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Chrome's "Aw Snap" error.

Today while using the Google Chrome Canary Build browser in Windows 7 Ultimate on a HP Mini 110-1140 SA I kept getting an error saying "Aw Snap. Something went wrong while displaying this webpage".
I got this every time for every page I tried.
Reloading, as recommended in the error message, did nothing.
Well, seems this is a known error and here's Chrome's wiki page on this error.
I tried all of the recommendations in the wiki other than creating a new user profile, but none worked.
Here's another supposed fix for the Aw Snap problem which adds "--no-sandbox" to the command to launch Chrome.
Although this thread suggests this fix has worked for quite a few people, it didn't work for me.
So, last resort, uninstall Chrome Canary and install it again.....success!
Yes this got rid of this problem but I'm really none the wiser as to what caused it or how to prevent it in the future.

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