Saturday, August 20, 2011

How I installed Conky in FreeBSD 8.2

I've already posted on this topic but this is an update after my recent re-install of FreeBSD on the Dell E520.
The essential steps are:

1. Install from ports both Conky and Conkyforecast (Conkyemail is also available in ports)
2. Create a ~/.conkyrc file. There are many examples available on the web and one that I'm using in FreeBSD is here.
3. To enable Conky to pick up your CPU core temperatures you must load the coretemps app either by running "kldload_coretemp" on each boot or, more conveniently, add the line
to /boot/loader.conf.local
(Actually, I don't know why loader.conf cannot be used instead of loader.conf.local. I must investigate this).
4. Follow Kaivalagi's tutorial to get what you need to get weather forecasts from Conky.
5. In my experience, the conkyForecast.config from /usr/local/share/conkyForecast/ must be copied to ~/.conkyForecast.config for weather to work correctly (I will admit that I have some doubts about this).
6. Look at the line near the bottom of my .conkyrc which starts with "GPU temperature" to see how I got the graphics card temperature. I used "nvidia-settings" because I have a nVidia GeForce 7300 LE card in this machine.
7. The external IP I got from a script I made using the detail in post #2 of this thread.
8. Finally, although my .conkyrc works fine, it must be started in a peculiar manner in FreeBSD. The first time it starts (from StartUp Apps) after a scripted 10 second sleep, everything is frozen (time, cpu, temperatures....). So, I get over this by a second script which kills conky 10 seconds after it starts, waits 10 seconds more and then restarts conky. Why? I really have no idea but it works everytime for me.

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