Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Reset iPhone passcode?

A couple of weeks ago I posted how I resolved the issue of a young lady who was unable to recall her Windows 7 password.
Well, the same young person was similarly afflicted today when she just could not, for the life of her, remember her iPhone passcode.
Obviously, because of the mobility of the iPhone, an easy way to change the passcode can never be an option.
So, you need to hook it up to iTunes and Restore.
This is very easy to do but........you will lose all of your data.
Of course, if you had loaded everything on your phone from iTunes in the first place, it will be very easy to out it all back after the Restore.
If not, then you're in trouble.
You can also do a Restore from the last backup that you carried out. While this will put back your data it will also restore the passcode that you forgot.
This post explains everything.

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