Thursday, October 06, 2011

Conky shows rss news

I added these newsfeeds to my conky display in Ubuntu 11.04 with the help of this post which is in Portuguese.
I essentially just copied the .conkyrc from the link, substituted my preferred news sources, commented out the fifth news source in the link as I only wanted four. Then I had to increase the minimum_size (last line before TEXT) to "minimum_size 1600 0" which is what I need for my 1950x1080 screen.
But now I had two .conkyrc files; one for my previous conky output (weather, computer operating variables, music and Gmail) and another for my rss feeds.
To get both to launch I used this script in StartUpApplications:
#! /bin/bash
sleep 20
conky -c /home/paul/.conkyrc_news
sleep 10
conky -c /home/paul/.conkyrc_orig
And this worked fine.
Two problems though:
-- the rss headlines are great but they are not expandable, or I can click on the headline and get more detail. This is awkward but I will be able to overcome this by just creating a browser page which provides linked versions of the conky output which I can go to if any of the headlines interest me.
-- the rss news output from Conky seems to "die" after a few hours for reasons that are not clear to me. To get it back is easy just by "killall conky" followed by a restart of my script thorugh Alt-F2

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