Sunday, February 12, 2012

Haiku nightly now supports wpa wifi EeePC 901

Last October I posted about getting wpa-wifi working in Haiku nightly.
However, with more recent nightlies this no longer worked as wpa_supplicant crashed immediately on boot. This was reported here (see my posts in the same thread).
Now this problem has been resolved so wifi connects on boot on my EeePC 901 (wpa2-wifi) as is indicated in this post to the same thread.
However, getting it working in Haiku r-43718 was just a little problematic.
On first boot after install of the nightly, wifi did not connect.
So, I tried to install wpa_supplicant with

installoptionalpackage wpa_supplicant -a
but this just told me that no install was necessary.
So, I tried
rm /boot/common/data/optional-packages/OptionalPackageNames
(this list did not, however, contain wpa_supplicant.
Nevertheless after deleting this file, I was now able to run the install as shown in the first command above and this worked fine.
Incidentally, I had to follow the same procedure to get WebPositive working in nightly r43718.

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