Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm waiting for my Raspberry Pi

I bought my first computer 10 years ago and it had 256 MB of RAM. Nowadays that amount of RAM would be considered laughable and I didn't think it was even possible these days to buy a new computer with less than 1 GB of memory.
Well, not only can you but I've actually ordered one for €39 which just 256 MB of RAM. Yes, this is the Raspberry Pi.
Actually, it's not a computer in the conventional sense in that you get nothing more than the main circuit board. No screen, no keyboard, no mouse, no cables and not even a case for the board to sit in.
Pretty basic but what do you expect for that price.
Actually, this little machine is creating an incredible storm of worldwide interest and it's not even made by Apple .
Despite the fact that very few people actually have one a Raspberry Pi, there is feverish activity on the RPi forum with people deliberating about what they're going to do once they actually get one.
Expected deliveries are between end March and July.
The RPi organisation is a charitable one aimed at giving kids around the world access to a cheap but highly functional machine from which they can learn programming.
Indeed, a very useful tutorial series started about six months ago on YouTube which explains how to program in Python on the RPi.
I've always intended to learn Python so I'm following this series.
Actually, for a more leisurely paced tutorial series on Python I'm also following this one.

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