Monday, April 23, 2012

Grub2 Boot Splash -- finishing touches

I posted about this almost exactly one year ago (actually, because this is a leap year, it was, in fact, 365 days ago).
However, time is a great teacher and here are a couple of tips which may help with sprucing up your Grub2 boot screen.
First, to find what boot screen resolutions are supported by Grub2, you must hit 'c' to get a grub prompt and then type in 'vbeinfo'.
This should give a long list of acceptable resolutions which you can choose.
However, at times, the list can scroll off the screen and cannot be retrieved from Grub2.
As always, there's a solution as explained here.
In Ubuntu, just install 'hwinfo' by running

sudo apt-get install hwinfo
Now, in a terminal, run
hwinfo --framebuffer 
and all of the resolutions are listed in an easily retrievable format.

The last time I wrote about this, I advised adding something like
to  the /etc/default/grub file.
However, this time I had added 1280x1024_24 as this was what vbeinfo suggested.
Then I used Gimp to resize my .png file to 1280x1024.
However, the result was disappointing in that the image was decidedly unclear.
What solved the problem was to remove the '_24' from '1280x1024_24' to just leave
Now, everything was perfect.

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