Friday, April 13, 2012

Haiku nightly has wifi again

I posted a few months ago that Haiku nightlies now supported wifi with WPA encryption on my EeePC 901 (ralink2860 card).
However, it seems that in more recent nightlies, wpa_supplicant was broken as it certainly didn~t work on my machine.
I posted to Haiku Forums on this but really got no very useful replies.
However, somebody else had raised the broken wpa_supplicant issue in the bug tracker to which I subsequently added some detail.
But, today I updated the version of Haiku (hrev44007) on my EeePC 901 and now wifi works perfectly.
Of course, still need to add the encryption password after the boot. But, as I mentioned before, this can be included in a bootscript so that wifi connects automatically on every boot.
I should mention that when I updated without initializing the partition, although it did update without error, not even an ethernet connection was available.
Without ethernet, its impossible to install wpa_supplicant.
Both wired and wireless connection were, however, possible from the usb-key which I used to install the OS.

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