Sunday, May 27, 2012

More RAM for my MacBook

I've been using a late-2009 MacBook (2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) as my main computer for about 18 months.
In that time I have not touched the 2 GB of memory although I've noticed of late some sluggishness in performance particularly in general browsing.
I've already posted on a few clean-up jobs I did which improved the situation a lot. But I wanted more......

Nothing for it but to upgrade my RAM from 2 GB to the maximum 4 GB.
Crucial now provide a downloadable scanner for the Mac which very quickly tells you exactly what you need as well as its cost.

Here's what the scanner showed me.
Not bad, less than €28 including delivery to upgrade my RAM.
So, I ordered and received the two 2GB sticks after just three days.

Installation is very easy and is fully explained in this video.
In total, the install took about 7 minutes.
Probably the only inconvenient feature is that you need to use the correct sized screwdriver (#00).
This is unlikely to be in your toolbox if what you have is for odd jobs around the house.
Trying to get by with an oversized screwdriver might well destroy the heads on the existing screws thereby making the job very much, if not infinitely, more difficult.

Well, did the 4GB RAM make any difference?
Boot to a complete Desktop took 63 seconds with 2 GB and this reduced to 53 seconds after the upgrade.
Shutdown changed even more dramatically from 17s to 5s.

In general, my Mac now performs in a noticeably more sprightly fashion and can no longer be considered sluggish.
Very happy with the €28 purchase. Well worth it.

When I bought my first computer 11 years ago (Dell Dimension 8800), it came with 256 MB of RAM. By todays standards, this is minuscule.
When I increased the RAM to 512 MB, I was astonished at how more responsive my Dell became.

However, when I later increased the RAM to its max of 1024 MB, I was disappointed that no marked improvement resulted.
Nevertheless, going from 2GB to 4GB on my Mac gave me an improvement worth posting about.

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