Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Qt in Haiku

Although I've enjoyed the development of Haiku for some years on various computers, it's only recently that I've taken any interest in Qt as a platform.
Essentially, this is almost entirely due to an interest I have in the QupZilla browser which works very well in Haiku. I've already posted on this.

Recently, I revamped the OSes on my Dell E520 Desktop which meant deleting the partition which held Haiku and creating a new one.
No problem doing this, but when I had everything set up and started installing my browsers, I found that no Qt was available for QupZilla.
This was because the site site was down.
OK, just wait till tomorrow.
Well, even now after a week, it's still not back and it seems it's got some bugs or virus or something.

So, where can I download Qt-Haiku to get QupZilla work for me? Haikuware doesn't have it and it's not available in Haiku as an optional package.
OK, so maybe I've got to compile it myself.

The source is available from the gitorious site and I found these build instructions on Pastebin.
OK, problem overcome.
Actually, as the build details are in pastebin, they may not be available when I, or anybody else, needs it, so I'll print out the instructions here for future reference:

         git clone git:// qt-haiku-port
         cd qt-haiku-por

         Select gcc4 compiler as default
         setgcc gcc

         configure --prefix-install=no -no-pch -no-opengl -no-largefile -fast -nomake examples -nomake        demos -release -opensource -confirm-license -no-iconv -phonon -no-phonon-backend -multimedia -no-audio-backend

         Building Qt

         Install Qt:
         make install

        Install utility for systray support:
        cd src/3rdparty/haiku-tools/qsystray
        make install

OK, so just have to wait. Well, no, the compile failed about 20 minutes into the make.
Now what?

More googling.
But this time, I hit the nail on the head when I came up with this Haiku site I'd never seen before.
And right there were the minimal and the developer's versions of Qt-Haiku 4.8.2 as zipped binaries.
Unzipped the minimal in my E520 Haiku and QupZilla sprung to life.

OK, as an extra precaution to prevent this happening again, I've put both of the downloaded versions into my DropBox.

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