Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Seems that AWN is no more.

Yes, I'm still playing around with Arch Linux on my E520 and it is an impressive OS.
I was very glad to have been able to install Avant-Window-Navigator as I had used it with much enthusiasm in many other Linux distros up to a couple of years ago.
Unity in Ubuntu was probably the main reason for not using it any more plus the fact that I tend to look much more at OSes like FreeBSD, OS X and Haiku rather than other Linux distros.
But now that I'm gearing up for setting up mu RPi, I'm looking at other Linux distros again.
So, of course I installed AWN from AUR as well as AWN-extras-applets.

However, not all of the applets worked for me. Yes, Weather, Terminal, Bandwidth Monitor, Cairo Clock and Dialect all worked fine but several don't including Garbage, Volume Control and Mail.

I particularly wanted the Mail applet that worked perfectly for me before in Ubuntu and Linux Mint.
In Arch, I tried quite a bit to get it functioning and it sort of works using the following:

1. Remove it the AWN dock and replace from Dock Preferences.

2. Install notification-daemon using pacman.

3. Start the daemon with

$ /usr/lib/notification-daemon-1.0/notification-daemon &
Don't forget the ampersand as without it the padlock on the Mail applet will not be removed after logging into the applet.
Now, by refreshing the applet (left-click and click the orange button), details of unreads mail is displayed as it will be when you subsequently mouse over the applet.

OK, that's not bad but it doesn't work without manually refreshing the applet.
A pale shadow of what it could be.

No problem, I'll just post to the AWN forum where I have received some hugely helpful suggestions previously.
But, no more, the forum I used before is almost completely filled with spam.
There is another AWN forum which shows some minimal activity but, honestly, it's like a ghost town.

Even the previously well-maintained AWN wiki now has "Welcome to Spam Haven..........." as its introductory comment.

Well, when you're relying on free, open-source software for your computing pleasure, you've got to expect this type of inconvenience now and again.

Maybe, I'll switch to the Cairo Dock in Arch as I understand it's well-maintained. But for how long?

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