Saturday, June 16, 2012

Getting ready for first boot of my Raspberry Pi

Yes, this little machine was delivered about three weeks ago which was a little earlier than expected although I had ordered it in early March at a total cost of €39

Now I just had to get the various bits and pieces to get it up and running.
I first tried Farnell's from whom I had bought the RPi but amazingly the most necessary accessory, a power supply, has been "awaiting delivery" for weeks now.
Not only that but their SD cards are also out of stock.

So, I bought a 4GB Sandisk SD Class $ card from PCWorld for €10 which is actually cheaper than Farnell for the same card.

But without a power supply I can't do anything. The recommended psu for the RPi is a Nokia AC-10x with a 5V/1200 mA output.
Couldn't find one, but Maplins had an own brand psu with a 5V/2300mA output. This cost me €23 which was more than I thought I'd have to spend but I was in a rush.
Incidentally, the same psu is available in the UK for  £15. So even though the € is worth about £0.80 now, by this comparison, Maplins are adding a 23% surcharge to Irish sales.

While in Maplins I enquired about a HDMI to DVI cable to hook up my RPi to one of my monitors.
They offered me this for €50. However, that was considerably more than I paid for my RPi so I passed on this.
Once again, the same cable is available from Maplin in the UK for 25% cheaper. What's going on here?

But there are many of these cables available on eBay, so I bought one of 1.5m in length for €1.75 which is very much different from the €50 in Maplins.
Only problem here was I had to pay postage of €5.85 for a total of €7.60 which is not too bad.

OK, with the intention to get my RPi up and running before purchasing anything else, I used an existing wireless keyboard and mouse and an existing monitor, I hooked up the monitor and then tried my €23 psu.
Oy, boy, what I had bought had a mini-USB male connector rather than the required MICRO iusb connector.
That's my mistake.
Lesson learned, don't buy anything in a rush. Research what you really need before spending.

Back to eBay and found this, a Nokia AC-10X charger which is talked about quite a lot on the Raspberry Pi forum.
So, bought it for €5.10 and received it in three days.
However, when I received it I noticed it was not marked Nokia. Indeed, it didn't have any branding either on the charger or the box.
What's more whereas the Nokia AC-10X has a 5V/1200mA output, this one said 5.2V/580mA on the label and 2.0-7.0V/max 800mA output.
In other words, while it does indeed have the micro USB connector that I needed any other resemblance to a genuine Nokia AC-10X was accidental.
The buyer told me he had sold thousands of these without issue.
I really have no option but to downvote this guy.

Back to Google, and steering clear of eBay (once bitten, twice shy) I came across this which the seller said was a genuine Nokia AC-10X with a 5V/1200mA output.
I got it for €7 + €2 postage but I see the price has increased to €10 now without postage.

Just waiting for this to arrive, which should be next Wednesday or earlier, before trying to boot my RPi again.

So far, I've spent €93.70 of which €54.70 were for accessories.
If I can get this working well, I probably splash out on  its own monitor, keyboard and mouse and usb hub, so, in total, I'll be lucky to come in for less than €300.
My Asus EeePC 901 cost me €300 and has served me very well for 4 years.
So, is the RPi as cheap as it's being touted?

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