Thursday, August 09, 2012

Another RPi case

I've already posted about a case for my RPi that I got about three weeks ago.

Now I've also received the ModMyPi case and I post the photos to prove it.
The case is very well made, fits the Pi board snugly, is easy to re-open and close which is not the case with the previous case, and all ports are very easy to access.

However, in my view it has one big flaw: It's not transparent so I can't clearly see the LED's on the Pi which are useful during the boot process.
Yes, the case is translucent so that the LED end of the Pi board can be seen to light up. However, you cannot tell which LEDs light or don't light.

Additionally, it seems to me that my overclocked board heats the ModMyPi case more than the transparent one I had previously use.
Now I don't have a suitable thermometer to confirm this but while the heat from the case is barely noticeable for the transparent case, the ModMyPi case is very evidently warm to the touch (I would guess around 45ºC).
However, it certainly never gets worryingly hot.

The transparent case has very substantial holes in the bottom plate which will certainly aid air circulation. Nevertheless, with no significant openings in any of the other plates, other than the port openings, air circulation cannot ber perfect.
Might think about drilling some holes in the plates some time.

One major advantage of the ModMyPi case is it is very simple to put together. Assembling the case with the board inside should take less than 10 seconds.
In contrast, the transparent case is, shall we say, challenging in this respect.
It took me a good 20 minutes to get everything in place on both occasions that I tried this.
If you intend to remove your board frequently, you must choose the ModMyPi case.

Nevertheless, because of the lack of transparency, I'm going back to the transparent case for the moment.
However, were there a version of the ModMyPi case in transparent material, I'd easily select it.

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