Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update problems on Apple devices

This happened to me twice today.
I've been an Apple user for about five years and have had very few problems of this nature.
Is this the first indications of the Armageddon predicted to befall Apple subsequent to the demise of Steve Jobs?

First on my 3G iPod Touch which showed 57 apps to be updated.
However, when I tried to update, I repeatedly got a "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" error.
My internet connection was perfect so it couldn't be that.
However, I long ago learned that extremely rarely do problems happen that are unique to me.
In other words, my problem has probably already been experienced by thousands of people and it's been copiously discussed online.

And so it was here.
A quick google brought me to this thread whose second post advised going to Settings >> General >> Date & Time and setting the time forward by a few months.
As we're now in September, I set the month to January 2013 and tried again.
And it worked perfectly. No explanation why this works but it does!

The second update problem occurred on my 9-month old MacBook Air which has been very lightly used.
The App Store icon showed two apps (Garage Band and iMovies) were due for an update.
However, when I tried I kept getting a popup telling me that I have updates available for other accounts.
But I only have this account.

Back to google which quickly showed me this thread which once again showed that problems unique to me are luckily very rare.
A number of fixes are included in this thread. What worked for me is shown at the bottom of Page 1 (poster Peter Jarvis).

This involves opening Finder  >> Applications and moving to Trash the apps that won't update.
Now, open the App Store from the Dock and open the Purchases tab.
The two apps you deleted should now show INSTALL rather than UPDATE buttons.

So, go ahead and install them and, when installed, empty the Trash.

However, were I to come across this problem again, I'd probably use the suggestion in the very next post (poster SC::UK) which involves re-indexing Spotlight.

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