Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mini Computer MK802 II

You know, I just cannot resist any cool new miniaturised computer system.
If you've been following my blog, you will have seen how much time I've been spending on my Raspberry Pi of late.

Well, now I've bought yet another mini-computer, This time it's the MK802 II which is an upgrade of the MK802.
I paid €41 for it from here, which is relatively cheap compared to Rikomagic's price for the same thing.
Delivery from Honk Kong took just less than two weeks.

This is considerably more powerful than the Raspberry Pi that it has a AllWinner A10 CPU rated at 1 GHz but, apparently clocked at GHz 1.08 which compares with the RPi 700 MHz ARM 11 CPU, although the latter can be comfortably overclocked to at least 900 MHz even without overvolting.
In addition, the MK802 II has 1GB of RAM compared to just 256 MB of RAM on my RPi although the latest versions now contain 512 MB RAM.

The MK802 II has five ports:

One micro USB for power input (5V, >700mA)
OTG micro USB
Standard USB
Micro SD card input
One male HDMI output

The male HDMI output took me a bit by surprise as the earlier version of the MK802 has a female HDMI output.
As I currently only have a (male) HDMI-DVI (female) cable to connect a HDMI port to a monitor, I cannot currently connect to a monitor.
So, I've ordered a female-female HDMI "joiner" from here and hope to receive this sometime next week when I can then explore more fully this little machine.
So far, I've had to settle for video reviews such as this one which is the most comprehensive I've found.

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