Sunday, August 25, 2013

Stop Google Chrome inadvertently moving to another page

I mentioned that I fully restored OS X to my MacBook by wiping the disk and reinstalling.
Of course, Google Chrome had to be reinstalled as it is my browser of choice on all platforms these days (except for the RPi where I use the minimal web browser or Uzbl).

Well, after the reinstall, I found that browsing in Chrome was troublesome as, while using the trackpad to move up and down the page, occasionally I would be moved to a previous or subsequent page completely unintentionally.
I found this very distracting.

This problem arises because moving up and down requires two fingers moving in a vertical orientation on the trackpad.
However, the default configuration in System Preferences > Trackpad > More Gestures is for two fingers moving horizontally to swipe between pages.
As a result, if while moving two fingers vertically, you inadvertently add some horizontal orientation to your movement, you may well find that you've swiped to another page.

Go into preferences and select Swipe with Three Fingers to swipe between pages.
I've been using this configuration for a few weeks without even a single inadvertent swipe between pages.

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