Saturday, August 10, 2013

The very best OS X screensaver -- how did I forget that?

Before wiping my MacBook HDD, I copied everything I needed to an external hard drive.
Well, not quite everything.

For years I have used a superb clock as a screensaver which I rely upon to tell me the time when I'm reading beside my computer.

But, I didn't save it or even note its name.

But, it's so great it must be featured in lists of the "best OS X screensavers" or such like.
Amazingly, however, it's not.

I searched and searched but it just wouldn't appear.
Doesn't anybody know about this great and very well designed screensaver?
Why are they plugging all that crap in their lists of the "best ever ...."?

Anyway, I eventually tracked it down here.
And it's called the Illuminated Clock Screensaver.

Unfortunately, I get the impression from the site that it's no longer being developed.
However, it still works in Mountain Lion.

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