Saturday, January 26, 2008

Compiz-Fusion problem on new Sabayon 3.4f

OK, once I had Sabayon 3.4f installed, I needed to get it setup like I'm used to.
The first thing was to get Compiz-Fusion installed and operating so I used the same guide as the last time (although this time I didn't install through portage first).
However, it wouldn't install for reasons I detailed in this post.
In googling around, it just may have something to do with the difference between monolithic and split ebuilds.
I tried "emerge kdebase" and this went on for over an hour. However, trying the CF install using the above guide gave exactly the same error message.
As nobody replied to my request for assistance on the Sabayon forum, I've decided to re-install Sabayon 3.4f but this time I'm going to reformat both / and /home partitions.

I've just noticed that somebody last Thursday had exactly the same problem as me and , it seems, the chief guy responded that this was due to the server being down. Another comment said that CF was undergoing major changes because of KDE4 and we would just have to wait, although they don't say how long.

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