Saturday, January 26, 2008

Problems getting Sabayon operating again.

What I did to get Fedora 8 back was simply to copy the vmlinuz and initrd files from the F8 /boot directory into the /boot/fedora/ directory on the Ubuntu root partition.
However, for reasons I don't understand, the equivalent Sabayon files were no longer available in the corresponding location in the sabayon root partition.
I have absolutely no idea what became of them.
In any event, I was left with only one option which was to re-install Sabayon but had quite some problems with this.
First, my "old" Sabayon 3.4f disk (actually it's less than 6 weeks old) didn't seem to work too well in that I couldn't get beyond a blank page when trying to get to the home page that would allow me to install Sabayon.
Remembering the problem I had a few weeks ago where I seemingly the MacBook can't run Sabayon with kdm but only with gdm, I tried some messing around along these lines and eventually got something that worked.
Instalation was fairly straightforward once I got over these initial obstacles and I installed ALL optional items. The install took about 2 hours in all.
Once that was done, I had to do EVERYTHING described in this earlier post of mine.
Then the vmlinuz and initrd.gz files from the sabayon /boot directory had to be copied over to /boot/sabayon on the Ubuntu / partition.
After that, Sabayon booted fine (although due to some UUID problem in /etc/fstab, it had to ask for the boot device during the boot. Once I supplied /dev/sdb13, it booted fine).

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