Friday, January 11, 2008

Sabayon wouldn't boot to desktop

When I booted the first time to my newly installed sabayon 3.4f, it got as far as a blank desktop (with the background but no icons or panels) and just stayed there with the "in progress" thing just circling.
So, I rebooted and this time, just as the X-server was starting, I pressed Fn-Alt-F1 which brought me to TTY1.
Here I logged in as root and cd'ed to /etc/init.d/
Now I tried "kdm start" but nothing happened.
So, out of desperation, I tried "gdm start" and this time it did start. However, on the way to the desktop, it told me that there already was a server on display zero (presumably kdm) so this one would be opened in display 1.
So this worked fine.
However, I posted to the forum just to see what I needed to do to avoid this messing around just to get to the desktop.
Apparently, this seems to be a Mac problem in that Mac doesn't like kde or kdm or something. But it's easily resolved by going to /etc/conf.d/xdm and changing the line DISPLAYMANAGER="kdm" to read DISPLAYMANAGER="gdm".
So that worked without a hitch.

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