Monday, January 14, 2008

Wireless in Sabayon

Getting wireless to work on any Linux OS on my MacBook always takes at least a day.
In Sabayon, it worked very quickly (OOTB as they like to say) but I still can't get the bloody wireless to start up on boot.
I have posted on this but was only provided with the Gentoo wiki to check out.
What's surprising is that wireless starts very easily just by clicking on the kNM tray icon and supplying the kWallet password (Incidentally bringing in the kWallet made the wireless turn-on much smoother -- now always starts on first try; before it would almost always fail on the first attempt).
So, I'm not sure what I'm missing here but I had thought that NetworkManager (or the kde version in this case) was supposed to look for wifi networks and connect automatically to the strongest one).
But that's not happening for me.
Nevertheless, I'll be surprised if I don't solve this by end-January.

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