Sunday, February 24, 2008

Continuing FreeBSD setup.

Ran into various problems with freeBSD today.
1) When I open Gmail in Opera 9.25 it asks me to install the flashplayer. However, only flashplayer 9 is offered and I know that this doesn't work on Opera 9.25. So, I decided to download the snapshot. However, when I eventually got this to install (.tar.bz2), it just wouldn't open saying there was som missing thing ( where xx is something I can't remember).
Then 9.25 wouldn't re-install on top of this so I had to do a

pkg_delete opera\*
which deletes ALL opera stuff. However, this didn't seem to go that smoothly as it complained about not being ble to delete certain files. Nevertheless, it enabled me to re-install opera 9.25 and this worked fine (other than having no flash player).

2) Installed Yakuake using
pkg_add -r yakuake
and this took off very promisingly.
However, it literally went on for nearly eight (8) hours and added at least 1GB of stuff to /usr. Seems like it went ahead and put in an awful lot of KDE stuff along with Yakuake.
In any event, ykuake works fine.

3) Installing VMware Tools in VM FreeBSD
I tried various means to get this installed including this and this and this.
Nothing seemed to go smoothly although some were better than others.
The one that worked best was a variant on the thoughtpolice one where I basically just changed a lot of permissions to get a freebsd.iso file which I then opened to get vmware-freebsd-tools.tar.gz.
I then extracted this and one of the resulting files was freebsd.iso (a lot of permission changing to get this).
I then opened this to get vmware-tools-distrib which contains an installer.
When I started up after this, GDM wouldn't start and seemed to say something about the xorg.conf file. Luckily VMware had preserved the old copy of xorg.conf before it was changed. So substituing the old xorg I was able to get X to start again.
However, no vmware-tools logo visible in tray.
Nevertheless, when it shuts down it mentions that vmware-tools are being shutdown. And I saw somewhere else that it may be that vmware-tools are not configured.

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